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Hate has no home here?

Updated: May 2, 2022

MON. MAY 2 UPDATE: The petition was removed and we are waiting for update from the author on when/if it will be reinstated. Our chapter had concerns when began asking for donations to help circulate the petition - if anyone contributed, please demand they refund you!

Thanks to everyone who signed as it was exceeding 1,000 last we heard.

The person who started the anti-Shannon/Kevin petition is Melissa Gross per her post on the Naper Gals FB page that was sent to us:

The Naper Gals discussed reporting the petition that was supporting Kevin and Shannon. Their efforts likely resulted in the petition's removal by


ALL voices matter. While the appointments aren't on tomorrow's agenda, the opposition has discussed plans to attend and comment.

Please send a letter of support to:

Adcock, Coyne say those trying to kill their appointments to Naperville boards want to ‘si
Download • 3.53MB


Are these the only voices in our community?

League of Women Voters Naperville President Becky Simon and member Karen Peck publicly promoted their arrest in Washington DC last Fall:

League of Women Voters is allowed to do voter registration in D204 and D203 high schools. Awake IL is awaiting word from Superintendents Talley and Superintendent Bridges on our effort to host civic empowerment events at the schools. None of our deputy registrars have been arrested, FYI, nor does our organization chapter condone or promote illegal activity.

A sampling of the "Hate Has No Home Here" voices ---
IPSD 204 Board of Ed member Allison Fosdick makes a prejudicial comment on parent advocacy:

Naperville School District 203 School Counselor Ryan Hurley hurls false accusations and defamatory comment at the petition:

Tom Filline has been obsessed with Shannon for over a year. It's bizarre.
He doesn't live in Naperville...

The Naper Gals: "[Mask Optional] is a slap in the face of every single person who helped prevent the nutters from being elected to the 204 BOE."

Stay tuned for more updates.

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