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Support Naperville Leadership, Shannon and Kevin

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Update 3:10pm: Naper Gals are focused on clarifying their affiliation with the Democratic Party.

A source informed us of the petition to support Shannon and Kevin which prompted the Awake Naper chapter to provide background on the level of attacks taking place in our community.

In her latest attempt to create chaos and division in Naperville, left-wing activist Holly Hootman attacks mother of 3 Shannon Adcock with lies and hate speech. She is moderator of the Naper Gals FB page which according to the petition "Naperville Supports Shannon Adcock and Kevin Coyne" has been participating in smear campaigns to rig elections for some time.

More to come on the Naper Gals dossier that was supplied by an enlightened member of their group. The image below shows that of the last 45 photos posted to Naper Gals FB page since April 3rd, 31 mention Shannon and/or Awake Illinois.

Their anger and obsession depict a worrisome trend of unhinged and extreme behavior. They do not practice the tolerance and inclusion they so often preach. This is not what Naperville should be known for and citizens need to be aware of the radical efforts that may be driving area politics.

One post references Shannon's hispanic heritage while accusing her of "white privilege" during her school board run.

Holly accused Shannon of "screaming at school board members". On the contrary, she speaks professionally and respectfully. The Naper Gals spew constant negativity.

Comments allude to concern over supporting our police and first responders.
Accusations of Awake being a "hate group" and suggests efforts to harass Awake VP Josh McBroom by contacting his employer.

Holly Hootman's words and also those of numerous Naper Gals posts show their agenda is hell bent on not seeing diversity of thought and rather wants to see the community be an echo chamber for her and the greater left-wing agenda. Shameful.

Let's be a bright light of the opposite: unity and tolerance.

Please sign the petition to support Shannon and Kevin Coyne on their potential appointments to Naperville volunteer boards.

We hope Mayor Chiroco and City Council take the high road and exemplify fairness and inclusivity. If our community is to be a place that welcomes a variety of backgrounds to volunteerism, this is symbolic of that practice. Please sign the petition today and relay your support/respectful comments to and

Media inquiries may be sent to

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